KLYYGA means “the crossing” in Helsinki slang and the project emphasizes on the 2 city grids that meets at Elielinaukio and Asema-aukio. The goal is to reconnect functions above and below ground and use the existing framework to reshape the area. The project consists of a stepping building including the Vltava building into a new porous city quarter. The sequence of public spaces is recreated into different personalities: Asema-aukio with a large urban wooden furniture and metro station entrance, the new “Elielin puistikko” inspired by the diverse nature of the Helsinki archipelago landscapes, the Elielinaukio in the new quarter and streetscapes with rows of trees. A generous carpet ties the urban realm and buildings together. The stone carpet is made of a pattern based on the 2 directions in the city plan. The KLYYGA-strategy is a system of crossings to reconnect city, landscape, and people to create a dynamic and livable area west of the historical railway station. KLYYGA invites to more social interaction, green environments, openness and equality for citizens, visitors, and travelers.

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