“Markets are the soul of a city, creating a platform for sustainable urban life”

New Eliel will upcycle Eliel Square from a traffic infrastructure hub to a new heart of urban life for Helsinki. New Eliel is an innovative hybrid building: it consists of a sustainable market, programmable spaces, working spaces and public spaces. The roof terrace offers 360 views of Helsinki skyline. New Eliel creates places of attraction and collective joy, bringing people back together as a community. Building takes the form of open platforms, stacked in a free sculptural way, hovering in mid-air among the greenery. The simple concept is modern and timeless, content and form become one. The new architecture is friendly and open, inviting everyone to enter. With green landscape elements, New Eliel will bring fresh air into the city center and create a green connection to Töölönlahti park. The aim is that New Eliel will become the flagship project for promoting sustainable lifestyle in Helsinki.

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