Albero is a reverent radical that embraces and elevates the existing environment. It respectfully blends in while forging an archaic foliage for a new way forward – combining work, play and experiences.

The surrounding areas provide Albero’s roots: outdoor and indoor spaces flow and are woven seamlessly together into an inviting sequence of squares to be used by the public.

Albero completes the urban composition and bridges the existing buildings in several ways. The building is divided into smaller parts, with dimensions derived from the scale of the corresponding neighbor.

The exterior materials of Albero are glass and copper, common materials of all the surrounding buildings. The core of the building is a structurally optimized hybrid of wood, steel and concrete.

Helsinki Well brings underground to the daylight and its free-flowing geometry encourages people to enjoy the currents of urban life.

Albero – a place to meet, stay and to interact with ever-evolving Helsinki offerings.

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