Albero has now been optimized yet is true to the original reverent radical vision that embraced and elevated the existing environment. Its architectural appearance is determined by directions, public functions and the surrounding buildings. It forges an archaic architectural expression for a new way forward – combining work, play and experiences.

Albero is easily accessible for both the people of Helsinki and its visitors due to its distinctive spatial arrangements and permeable routes on the ground floor level. New life is brought into the reclaimed space, while aligning it with the cultural and historical values of the existing urban fabric. It inspires to work and play, to use, own and sustain the spaces and experience the architecture of the area to its fullest.

A continuous public space provides access for all, weaving the indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly together. Through the design of its pavement, users flow harmoniously through the building while connecting with its surroundings. Places to meet and stay are strengthened by the local vegetation changing over the seasons. These urban spaces form an inviting series of squares to be used and enjoyed by the public connecting the Töölönlahti area to the southern parts of Helsinki. In connection, the Helsinki Well is an origo, a beacon for urban life, bringing back the historical importance of an urban focus back to the city center.

Designed for city residents themselves as well as visitors, Albero will support active lifestyles with car-lite, walkable and bikeable, interconnected, convivial, places and spaces.

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