KLYYGA means “the crossing” in Helsinki slang and the project emphasizes on the 2 city grids that meets at Elielinaukio and Asema-aukio. The goal is to strengthen the areas’ identity by adapting to the city’s framework, revitalizing the public realm, and building a new city quarter. The new city quarters architecture is a volumetric massing that matches the railway station building and steps up to the Post office building and leaves a “valley” in between that becomes the backdrop for the Vltava building which is embedded in the new quarter. The new identity for Elielinaukio and Asema-aukio is a generous, common urban carpet for walkability and green mobility. A “kantti” of the carpet becomes the social public meeting point with a new entrance to the Metro station framed by cherry trees.

The KLYYGA-strategy is a system of crossings to reconnect city, urban landscape, and people to create a dynamic and livable area west of the historical railway station. KLYYGA invites to indoor/outdoor social interaction, green environments, openness and equality for citizens, visitors, and travelers.

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