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New life is breathed into Elielinaukio through an architectural competition.

An international architectural competition is being organised by invitation to develop Elielinaukio Square and Asema-aukio Square area in Helsinki. The aim is to find a high-quality solution for both the new buildings and the outdoor spaces – while respecting the valuable history of the area.

The aim is to design a safe and pleasant pedestrian city centre with a wide variety of services in the same area. The New Eliel project and the architectural competition are a part of a larger renewal of the surroundings of the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

Currently Elielinaukio is a noisy bypass point and an end point of public transport. The project will make the area safer and clearer than before.

The functionality of the area will improve from the point of view of pedestrians and cyclists in particular. The area’s new life and high-quality architectural solutions will help elevate the Elielinaukio and the Asema-aukio area to a worthy prime location in the Helsinki city centre.

New Eliel is the only significant new construction project in the city centre that will bring plenty of the desired new jobs to the city centre. The jobs are created in the place in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area that is the most easily accessible with public transport. When completed, the project will create a new urban area in the Helsinki city centre with a wide range of services, where both Helsinki residents and tourists will enjoy themselves, engage in hobbies and use services.

The aim is to develop a new local plan for the area based on the winning design solution. The competition proposals will appear on this site shortly after the end of the competition period.

A survey will be set up for commenting purposes, allowing you to submit considerations for further planning. The progress of the competition and the steps for participating in the design can be followed on this website.

Competition area

Anni Sinnemäki

City of Helsinki’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment

”One of the most central places in the Helsinki city centre is changing – above all, to become more comfortable for pedestrians. Elielinaukio is already visited by about 38,000 pedestrians every day, and this number will be even higher in the future. It is great that development ideas for this location are being sought through a high-grade, international architectural competition – and it is a pleasure to chair the competition jury. I look forward to seeing what kinds of ideas will emerge to develop the square.”

Tomi Aimonen

Head of Real Estate Investments, Ilmarinen

”Elielinaukio is an important meeting place for tens of thousands of people every day, part of everyday life and daily mobility. A new, worthy idea is now being sought for this square that connects people in cooperation with the City of Helsinki. Our goal is to create a new meeting place of high architectural quality for Helsinki residents. Elielinaukio deserves a worthy future – which is why we decided to organise an international architectural competition.”

Cino Zucchi

Chief Architect, Professor, Cino Zucchi Architetti

“Helsinki city centre has particular charm. The balanced mix between national romanticist and functionalist buildings creates a beautiful background to the clear sequence of public spaces ending up on one of the most “urban” train stations of the world. The competition for Elielinaukio asked first-class architectural teams to generate ideas to regenerate some of the spaces around it, and I am really happy to have been given the chance to help one of my favourite cities to choose the best proposal for this demanding challenge.”

Organisation of the competition

The competition is organised by Elielin Kehitys Oy together with the City of Helsinki. The fully Finnish development company consists of the area’s property owners Ilmarinen, OP-Vuokratuotto, VR Group, SOK, Exilion and Evata Partners, a company specialising in real estate development and investment.

Queries regarding the competition:

Competition secretary
Jenni Lautso
040 594 3984

Queries regarding
the project:

Elielinaukion kehitys Ltd
Vesa Olkkola
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